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Eventing NSW Registrations       

Welcome to the registration website for Eventing NSW

The Volunteer Lottery draw for 2021/2022 was conducted on 10th January 2023.


Congratulations to the winners and we hope to see you in 2023. Results here

Do you Cross-Country jump Judge?

Please take the time to watch an updated Jump Judges Briefing Presentation and Management of a Cross Country Fall

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Volunteer Reward Program

Prize pool of $10,000

Eventing NSW registered volunteers gain tickets in a raffle every time they volunteer at an Eventing NSW event.
A full day volunteering gains 2 tickets.
· A half day volunteering gains 1 ticket.
· The draw for rewards is conducted every December
In line with Trade Promotions lotteries.

1st prize: $3,000

2nd prize: $1,000

3rd prize: $500

4th prize: $500

+ 50 x $100

Register here